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  • Night Ninjas Inc.
    Jul 06, 7:00 PM
    Pam Tranter joins us to share her knowledge of people helping other people experiencing homelessness and those who are living close to or below the poverty line.
  • An evening with a million dollar producer, Debbie Branson-Scott
    Aug 01, 6:00 PM
    Meet the woman who does it all in Rotary and still has time for: traveling, being outdoors, riding motorcycles, watching drag races and watching Hallmark Christmas movies.
  • But What's the Point?
    Oct 03, 6:00 PM
    Pam Tranter is an exceptional communicator who will be joining us to share her insights on public speaking which is more than having nerves and writing a speech. It’s about how you deliver it and how to make a point that really gets to your audience.