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The Dream

Rotarian Julian Buttigieg is an Australian living and working in Bogotá, Colombia. He is a Science Teacher in a bilingual school and he loves cricket. The Cricket Colombia Project (CCP) aimed to build cricket training facilities and provide coaching for school students in Bogotá. It was an inspired initiative aimed at: 

  • providing school students with the opportunity to develop important co-ordination skills required to play the sport. As we in the cricket world know, this sport is also a great way to stay healthy and active.

  • giving Colombian students an opportunity to improve their English language and social skills through their interactions with foreigners who are keen to train them to play cricket. 

  • increasing the number of Colombians participating in the sport, and potentially giving rise to more Colombians representing their country in the sport.

  • stimulating the local economy by engaging local and trusted contractors to construct cricket pitches and nets.

The CCP DREAM aligns with the following Focus Areas of Rotary:

  • Community Economic Development

  • Basic Education and Literacy
  • Peace Building & Conflict Prevention

Julian Buttigieg is a member of the Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers and is a passionate cricketer who wants to see his students and the local community embrace the sport .

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To achieve the Cricket Colombia Project we needed funds to: 

1. Construct two cricket practice nets for students
2. Purchase junior equipment (bats, ball, stumps, tees etc).

3. Funding for future maintenance (replace synthetic matting etc) - Ongoing


Rotary Global Trekkers is a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization

MAKE THE DREAM REAL...action 1-2-3

1. Purchase a 'Cricket Colombia - Tree Certificate’  (US $10) 

2. From your purchase, Rotary Global Trekkers will donate your funds to support the Cricket Colombia Project.

3. Rotary Global Trekkers will plant a pine tree(s) in your honor in the USA, as part of our E-Club's environment commitment to cleaner air, filtered water, the offsetting of carbon emissions and providing a habitat for wildlife.


Julian on location...

Construction in Progress (June 2021)

July 4, 2021


I am happy to report the construction of the cricket practice nets at Liceo de Colombia Bilingüe is complete. The synthetic grass went down this morning and it is looking fantastic. I am excited to see the reaction of LCB students when they return to school post holidays. This is a unique opportunity for education through sport (both learning about cricket and students practicing their English). 

Any money going above and beyond the construction costs will be put towards purchasing junior equipment for the students and future maintenance of the practice nets.

Thank you very much everybody.


Love from Julian


making dreams a reality

It's batty, but cricket comes to Colombia

Read about this amazing project in the latest news update: Click


June 2021​

Construction is about to start!!! Watch this space!


This project is really happening and I couldn't be more thrilled with the response we've got. We have obtained the necessary funding to progress this project past initial development but if you would like to contribute any amount so we can do more for the children in Colombia, and to promote Cricket here, then I would certainly appreciate that support. Unfortunately my teacher's salary doesn't go very far, even in Colombia, so I am grateful for any contribution however small... or large!!!

May 2021

Construction is set to start 19th June (pending no lockdowns etc). Dean and Claudia (Graico SAS - construction company) have been very busy buying the materials to get started (chain link fence, synthetic grass, tube steel etc). I have received junior cricket equipment from India via a very generous donation from Stag Sports Australia (8 bats, 12 pairs of gloves, a set of plastic wickets, batting tees). I have purchased cricket balls for the kids at school to use (my personal contribution). They should arrive here in Colombia 21st of May.  



We are almost there! We are currently about $500 USD short to reach fully funded for the total build of the cricket pitches and nets. This is assuming the District Grant is approved. There is a meeting on Monday with the review committee. Fingers crossed. 


Via the Global Trekkers website - we have already raised $1720 USD via personal/private donations alone! I am overwhelmed with this support and very grateful.



Brazil Women's Cricket Representative Roberto Moretti gave the project a shoutout on Instagram and since her post we have gained lots of support and followers on Instagram.


I have submitted a news story to a high profile news channel here in Bogota. We may get some TV publicity. I am just waiting for the political situation here to calm down a bit before getting the story run (it won't get noticed otherwise). 


Your Support

If you can, please consider making a small donation (if you haven't already). Thank you very much everyone. I really appreciate the love and support for this project. 



Julian Buttigieg

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Special Thanks to our Major Sponsors

Oscar Correa – Vice Principal of Liceo de Colombia Bilingüe School (LCB)


Travis Crockett (Bogota Cricket Club/Cricket Colombia)


Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers


Claudia Garzón Martínez and Dean Wiltshire of Graico Constructores


Members of Cricket Colombia (Teams and members from Bogota, Cali and Medellin)


Nitin Chaudhary of Stag Sports Australia who is generously donating junior cricket equipment.


Chris Dowling (Physical Ed. Teacher at LCB)

Kerry and Kay Danes (Australia)


And most importantly, the students at LCB who are the future of Cricket in Colombia.

Let's Smash this out of the Park!

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