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what is the cricket Colombia project (ccp)?

The Cricket Colombia Project (CCP) aims to promote cricket as a ‘new sport’ amongst the wider Colombian community.


To date, the project has already built a cricket training facility at a school, obtained and distributed junior cricket equipment where needed, and continues to provide coaching for school students in Bogotá. The project is expanding with more cricketers and supporters of cricket becoming involved in more locations in Colombia.


The initiative has and continues to: 

  • stimulate the local economy by engaging local and trusted contractors to construct cricket pitches and nets.


  • provide school students with the opportunity to develop important co-ordination skills through cricket participation. Physical education helps kids stay healthy and active (away from computers).

  • give Colombian students an opportunity to improve their English language and social skills through interactions with foreigners who train them to play cricket. 


  • increase the number of Colombians participating in the sport, and potentially giving rise to more Colombians representing their country in the sport in future.

​The CCP aligns with the following Focus Areas of Rotary:

  • Community Economic Development

  • Basic Education and Literacy

  • Peace Building & Conflict Prevention

If you can, please consider making a donation to support future development of cricket in Colombia. Funding will be allocated where needed by Cricket Colombia representatives (youth development, future net maintenance, purchase of club and junior equipment, etc).


Please note: As of May 13 2022, Cricket Colombia is not an official sporting entity in Colombia. The Colombian registration of specific clubs in specific cities is in progress. Baby steps, the wheels in Colombia tend to move slowly.


In future, official clubs will hopefully be in operation and can become self-sustainable. Once clubs and leagues and federations are established, hopefully funding from the International Cricket Council can become attainable too.  


Thank you very much for your support. 



Julian Buttigieg – CCP Founder

Julian Buttigieg is a member of the Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers and is a passionate cricketer who wants to see both Colombian students and the local community learn about and embrace cricket. He initiated the CCP.


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As of May 2022


A lot has happened since the project’s inception in March 2021. Nets have been built at LCB in 2021, and both students, young children and youth, and Bogota cricketers have been playing and practicing cricket skills at the nets.


In October 2021, Bogota hosted teams from Panama and Sri Lanka in a very competitive international tournament.


In late 2021 and continuing now in Barranquilla, Paul Reid and Andy Wright have been an instrumental force in developing what will soon be the first official cricket club in Colombia (recognised by the Colombian Government – a big deal)! They have two teams worth of players (mostly Colombians and Venezuelans!) consistently playing cricket in Barranquilla at both the Marymount College and the offices of Consumer Sales Services (CSS). Flicx have kindly donated one of their Practice Match pitches which has been essential for cricket development in Barranquilla.


Barranquilla hosted a tournament in February 2022 at the Marymount school grounds, where Barranquilla and Bogota faced off for the inaugural Barranquilla tournament. Considering some of the Barranquilla players had only recently picked up cricket as a sport, Barranquilla gave Bogota a good game on Friday. In the end the tournament was claimed by Bogota, but the real winner was cricket. The aim of the tournament was to introduce cricket and inspire the community of Barranquilla.

The tournament saw the discovery of many naturally talented players who had real passion for cricket. Some were naturally talented with the ball while others had the natural ability in the field, which lead to an amazing run out during one of the games. Bogota is also beginning its efforts to start an official club too.

“The tournament went really well, the majority had never played a game before,

it was really awesome and inspiring”– Julian Buttigieg

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Photo (above): Jorge Bolivar receiving 'Bowler of the Series' at BAQ 2022 Tournament

Youth Development

Youth development is also gaining pace, with The English School in Bogota hosting an April 2022 event where over 100 high school students had fun smashing a ball around the Colosseum while they interacted with Bogota cricket volunteers. Future events are also planned in what will hopefully be a long-lasting partnership.


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In June 2022, Bogota will host an intra-Colombian tournament with players from Barranquilla, Bogota, Cali and Medellin. Watch this space.


In October 2022, the South American Championships (SACs) will be hosted in Brasil. Colombia aims to send a Men’s team to the tournament. This Men’s team will hopefully have some Colombian and Venezuelans players (hopefully more than previous SACs) in addition to the usual expats.


Exciting times ahead.   


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Julian on location...

Cricket Nets completed (June 2021)

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