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Club Projects:


Supporting Education

Dogs and Cats are abandoned on the streets of Mexico every day, so it is important we raise awareness about this issue to ensure people are educated about animal welfare. We work with a local veterinarian to sterilize these animals and support a local animal shelter / adoption program.


Growing local economies

Building home gardens helps people learn how to take care of their own nutrition, and to generate an income selling their produce at local markets (Etla town located in Oaxaca State, Mexico).


Protecting the Environment

Tree plantation and reforestation of burned areas at the Texcoco mountain zone. We are partnering with a local University. 

Fighting Disease 

Breast cancer education and awareness campaign to assist women in poverty, those who have lost a breast because of cancer. We fundraise to provide a special bra fitted with an implant to increase a woman's self-esteem. 

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