Our Global Trekker family are spread across 8 countries of the world. Each member participates according to their capacity and location. Members support our 'Signature E-Club Projects' by spreading the word in their countries, engaging online by advertising events and fundraisers of the E-Club. Members also bring their own Individual Service Projects to the E-Club. Together we connect globally to provide 'Service Above Self'.   

Signature E-Club Service Projects

SCHOOL SUPPORT PROJECTS – Scientific Calculators are handed out to Walnut Cove’s Southeastern Stokes Middle School students with an inscription on the back 'You GOT This!' (In previous years we handed out Dictionaries and thesauruses). 

MOST IMPROVED STUDENT PROJECT – Scholarships are awarded to the most improved graduating senior from North Stokes High School and from South Stokes High School

ALLEVIATION OF HUNGER – We support food pantry operations in eastern Stokes County and western Rockingham County.

Individual Member Service Projects

Global Trekkers support many Individual Member projects, including:


•      Art Classes for Seniors in Trinidad & Tobago

•      Sponsor a child to YMCA Camp Hanes Summer Camp

•      Sponsorship Australian Brave Youth of Year Awards

•      RYLP

•      Rotary Four Way Test Student Contest 

•      Motivational speaking at Rotaract and RYLA events

•      Chairing Advancement Council, College of Arts and Sciences, Appalachian State University

•      Chairing Community Relations, Greensboro Symphony Guild

•      Helping at-risk teenage boys by performing accounting functions

•      Manage TRE- trauma release exercises that help people who have experienced trauma by performing

•      Promoting and fundraising for Family Service of the Piedmont

•      Rice From Rotary - A program to provide rice to impoverished families in Thailand

•      Salvation Army bell ringing

•      Teaching English to Vietnamese children and adults (Vietnam)

•      The Ripple Effect Program- providing victims of domestic violence with 3 month CARE packages

•      Giving used medical and school equipment for poorer areas of Thailand

•      Providing technological aid in Ethiopia, Cambodia, Nepal and France

•      Developing a free mobile APP for social workers in the field and teachers in classrooms 

•      Volunteer firefighting

•      Providing wheelchairs and other orthopedic aids for the needy in Mexico

•      Supporting a fundraising marathon in Mexico for the Red Cross

•      Management of a non-profit doing educational, dental, medical & WASH clinics in the Philippines

•      "Blessing Bags" for the homeless (USA)

•      Administration of East Stokes Outreach Ministry (food pantry & thrift store)

•      Adult Literacy Tutors Association, provides the only comprehensive, structured, adult literacy program in Trinidad & Tobago

•      Assist with Pigstock (USA)

•      Co-authoring the "Travel Safety Essentials Book" to reduce risk for post-COVID business and leisure travelers

•      Developmental work on the Queensland Bravery Garden to recognize brave acts, known and unknown by Queenslanders

•      Entrepreneurial business training for people in Vietnam

•      Healthcare Awards Program

•      Help stock and distribute food at Northern Stokes Food Pantry (USA)

•      Holiday food for children

•      Horse Riding For Special Needs Kids (Thailand)

•      Martial Arts for children from dysfunctional homes to build emotional self-regulation

•      Remedial tutoring using alternative methods for elementary school children in a school with poor academic performance

•      Music therapy for memory (primarily Alzheimer’s patients)

•      The Cricket Colombia Project (Colombia)

•      Sponsor Borderline Youth Camp (Australia)

•      Environmental projects (Global)

•      Afghanistan Humanitarian Evacuations

What's your project? 

We are are a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization