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Detailed Project Description:

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In the United States, higher education is expensive. Those students who get a full-ride scholarship are generally in the top-end percentage of high achievement. But what about the student who made that same commitment to higher learning? The student who sacrificed their weekends, their time with family, but their grades didn't reflect that herculean effort they made?


Global Trekkers believe that everyone has the right to achieve their full potential. We have created a modest scholarship award for the 'Most Improved Graduating Senior' attending North Stokes and South Stokes High Schools in the United States. The recipient of these scholarships will commonly attend community colleges, where scholarships of $500 per student will go a long way toward their tuition (books). Eligible students are generally not recipients of other academic and athletic awards. We want to impress upon these students that their hard work has not gone unnoticed and they are important.

Community Needs Assessment

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This is an ongoing Club service project that our members have supported since 2015. We became aware of this need from the local Stokes County school teachers and community members. Attending a local North Carolina community college for two semesters costs slightly over $3,000 (tuition and books). This cost is unattainable for many students. "The Most Improved Graduating Senior" from North Stokes and South Stokes High schools are recognized for the most improved GPA, not the highest GPA. Those students rarely receive recognition during traditional awards ceremonies for graduating seniors. 

Project Impact

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Our support to a "Most Improved Graduating Senior" will help that student continue their education beyond high school. This will enable them to contribute to their community in a worthwhile and productive way. “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” - Confucius

Sustainability: How the benefits of the project will continue afterward

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Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of the Stokes County community by increasing adult literacy. We can continue that service goal by supporting and investing in the education of our local youth. This project helps connect youth to business networks to help them enter the job market. Education also helps break the cycle of Modern Slavery. Education builds good, community-minded citizens!

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