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Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers

QUESTION:  What is a perfect gift?  ANSWER: A gift that keeps on giving! 

By purchasing Tree Certificates you will be helping us to:

Support Education of Youth

Build a Sustainable Environment

Create Food Security to Rise Against Hunger

Tree Certificates are the perfect gift for someone who has everything.

In addition to the certificates you purchase for others, our Global Trekkers will also plant a quantity of trees in various locations in North Carolina and other parts of the world. Trees are ideal for the environment because they:

  • Stop soil erosion

  • Trap atmospheric carbon

  • Make excellent timber

  • Can reseed themselves

  • Are a renewable resource

  • Are a spur to economic & community development

  • They beautify the land

  • Provide a home for native animals

  • It's so relaxing to sit under a tree

  • It's so much fun to climb a tree... 













With each purchase you will be emailed a lovely gift certificate that you can personalize for yourself or for someone else. Please indicate how many tree certificates you would like to purchase for each of the various purposes below.


1. Merry Christmas

2. In Loving Memory of

3. In Honor of

4. In Support of

5. Happy Holidays

6. Happy Birthday

7. For My Dearest Friend

8. For a Wonderful Friend

9. Celebrating the Birth of

10. Just Because You're Special

Tree Certificate Blank.jpg

Picture: Past President Ray Pifer planting trees with his granddaughters        

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