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The Journey Begins 20 - 27 October 2022


Teamwork makes the dream work!


Select one of our team missions below by clicking on the "JOIN" button.

(Mission Code is EPN) 

Go do your usual exercise (walking, running, swimming, cycling etc.) or any activity, then log your distances into your mission page or smartphone app

Alternatively, if you can't join a team then just log your miles/km and activity on a spreadsheet and email it to us, along with a copy of your donation receipt to END POLIO NOW. We will manually enter your activity for you. :-)


This activity is a fundraiser to END POLIO NOW.

Global Trekkers are a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Organization

Donate any amount directly to

Please send a copy of your receipt to our Club so we can keep track of donations. 

Donations over $10 AUD ($7 USD) go into a draw to receive a donation made in your name to PolioPlus, equal to the amount of your contribution, up to $100 USD.

We hope you have FUN!

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Polio is a highly infectious disease that can cause paralysis and most commonly affects children under the age of 5. 

Rotary International actively fights against the spread of polio by immunizing vulnerable populations globally.


Rotary Global Trekkers
Meet online every Monday
6:00 PM Eastern Time (USA)
Via Zoom
Meeting ID: 821 9133 4091


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