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2023 Global Trekker Four Way Test Contestant Shines!

Rotary Global Trekkers are really thrilled to announce that Chloe Charnphanich represented our Club as a participant in the Four Way Test Speech Contest on Saturday, February 25th.

The Four Way Test is an opportunity for high school students in grades 9 through 12 to develop their public speaking and leadership skills while increasing awareness of Rotary in our communities. This event is highly competitive with a very robust judging criterion.

High school speech contestants are asked to present a six-minute persuasive talk, directed toward their peers, to promote high ethical standards in daily life. The speech should clearly mention the application of Rotary’s Four Way Test to facilitate positive and ethical behavior in youth and teens. If applicable, they may incorporate Rotary’s theme for the current year into their speech.

The judges' decision this year were especially difficult because of the amazing quality of the speeches delivered by all of the contestants. While Chloe did not place in the top five, her presentation was impressive, and we appreciate the effort she put into making this event successful.

"It was my pleasure, thank you for sponsoring me! It was a fun experience for me to participate in a speech contest for the first time, especially as a freshman, so thank you again." Chloe. Our special thanks to Youth Services Chair, Ann Jones, for doing all the groundwork behind the scenes on behalf of the Global Trekkers to ensure our Club was well represented at the Four Way Test contest. Ann does some really amazing work for Youth in general, and we all appreciate her valuable contributions. District 7690 Four Way Test:

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