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Global Trekker Scholarships Transform Lives

In the United States, higher education is expensive. Not everyone gets a full-ride scholarship and those who do, are generally in the top-end percentage of high achievement. But what about the student who made that same commitment to higher learning? The student who sacrificed their weekends, their time with family, but their grades didn't reflect that herculean effort they made?

Global Trekkers believe that everyone has the right to achieve their full potential. We have created scholarship awards for the 'Most Improved Graduating Senior' attending several High Schools in the United States. Students are recognized for the most improved GPA, not the highest GPA. These students rarely receive recognition during traditional awards ceremonies for graduating seniors. Guidance counselors choose each recipient because they best know the students. The Scholarship Awards go directly to support postgraduate training at either a university, community college, or trade school.

Students awarded one of our scholarships have the opportunity to develop their philanthropic self. We hope you will consider making a donation to help us empower high school students who value the opportunity that higher learning may bring to their lives!

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