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Help recruit the next Rotary District 7690 Global Grant Scholar!

Application Deadline February 15, 2023

Rotary Global Grant Scholarships fund graduate-level coursework or research for one to four academic years. The scholarship award is for a total of $30,000.

Global grant scholarships are awarded to candidates who will be studying or doing research in fields related to Rotary’s seven areas of focus:

• Peacebuilding and conflict prevention

• Disease prevention and treatment

• Water, sanitation, and hygiene

• Maternal and child health

• Basic education and literacy

• Community economic development

• Environment Successful applicants must have a long-term commitment to working within one of the seven areas of focus.

An applicant’s previous work, volunteer experience, proposed academic program, and career plans should be strongly aligned with one of the areas of focus.

Successful applicants must study at a university outside of their host country (Rotary District 7690 candidates may not study at universities located in the USA). In addition to annual progress reports required by Rotary International, successful applicants have certain responsibilities to Rotary District 7690 related to their Global Scholar experiences. These include maintaining a blog of their experience, ENGLISH (EN) speaking to Rotary Clubs both in the USA and in their country of study, and attending, if possible, their host Rotary Club’s annual regional Rotary convention.

The application process is a two-part process, with the applicant first applying to Rotary District 7690. Successful applicants at the District level are then passed on to Rotary International for a second evaluation and final decision. Proof of acceptance at the applicant’s university of choice is required prior to the District submitting the application to Rotary International. These scholarship grants are very competitive; success at the District level does not guarantee success at the Rotary International level.

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