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Resolute Ready International - A global mental health hub for everyone.

Lidia Hall - CEO and Founder

Welcome to our introduction to Resolute Ready International, where our mission is driven by lived experiences and a deep understanding of the profound impact of service trauma.

Over the past decade, I have personally confronted the fragility and high costs of war on human life. Trauma has left an indelible mark on our family, motivating us to embark on a journey of recovery and extend a helping hand to others navigating similar challenges.

Having faced the daunting task of accessing services and organizations to support our family's recovery, I recognized the need for a comprehensive and efficient solution. Resolute Ready emerged not as a clinical or government entity but as a testament to the collective experiences of many returned veteran families. Today, I am pleased to share that we are all on a path to recovery, and our shared experiences enable us to extend a supportive hand to others.

At Resolute Ready, we acknowledge that both veterans and first responders, along with their families, bear the heavy burden of service trauma. While the battlefields may differ, the outcomes resonate similarly. Our primary goal is to encourage families to connect and reach out, providing them with quick and efficient access to the services they need. We operate under the mantra of "Online – One stop! One call! One Life!"

As the CEO and Founder, I bring over 30 years of diverse experience, ranging from Education to project management in the corporate industry, innovation, and entrepreneurial ventures. We firmly believe that individuals, families, and communities thrive when they have a sense of belonging and purpose.

Resolute Ready is not just an organization; it's a testament to resilience, shared experiences, and the unwavering commitment to creating a supportive network for those impacted by service trauma. Together, let's make a positive change in mental health and build a community where every individual finds belonging and purpose. One stop. One call. One Life.


Meeting ID: 821 9133 4091


"Our Vision is to empower people through education, to advance social and public welfare and to improve and support Global Mental Health and Educational Initiatives."

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