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Rotarians and Lions get busy on the Susquehanna River

July 2021

Rotary Global Trekker Michael Jerome takes the business of "Service Above Self" seriously but always with a smile!

Michael is part of an awesome group of people involved in the Susquehanna River clean-up project in Cooperstown, New York. This is one of America's major waterways, the largest river on America's East Coast. The river begins its 444 mile journey from Lake Otsego at Cooperstown, NY and flows to the Chesapeake Bay.

"It's hard to believe that despite our best efforts each year there's so much debris to pull from this beautiful waterway." said Michael. "But we have a lot of fun doing it!"

Below is a photo of Michael presenting our Rotary Global Trekker's check to Past Lions Club President John Rowley.

These funds helped provide the resources to build one of the rafts (below) used to remove the items like tires, bottles, chairs and plastics. During the maiden voyage, Michael and Jim were hopeful the raft would not suffer the same fate as the Titanic...

"I'm happy to report that our mission was a huge success!" said Michael. "We managed to stay afloat and dry to bring in a significant haul of rubbish."

Supporting the environment is one Rotary's seventh area of focus. As Rotarians, we have a responsibility to protect our world from the effects of climate change in communities we care about.

Why we think this job is so important:

  • Clean water is vital to our health. 1 in 3 Americans get drinking water from streams that lack clear protection from pollution.

  • Climate change makes protection of water resources even more essential. Clear protections mean cleaner water.

  • Our economy depends on clean water. Clean water helps farms thrive. Without clean water, business grinds to a halt.

"We might make this job look like a whole lot of fun, but it's really serious business!" said Michael. "It's an honor for all of us to be part of such an important environmental project. Together we can make a difference if we work hard now for the future."


Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers meet online (Zoom) every Wednesday at 7pm. We'd love you to join us.

Email for an invitation:

Thanks to all those who help make this world a better place to live!

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