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Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers

With your support we can sustain and grow our service projects to support Rotary's Seven Areas of Service to humanity. 

"Share your story with our Club"

Are you a change agent or community leader?

Do you represent an important cause?

Is there a story you can tell that will inspire others to have courage, build resilience, tackle life's challenges?

We want you to speak at our club. 

Contact us NOW!

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Delivering Package

Support our Blessing Bags Project

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Click on the button to help individuals experiencing homelessness.

Rotary Global Trekker Blessing Bags

The Scholarship Awards

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"The Most Improved Graduating Senior" (High School)

The Scholarship Awards are part of the Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers commitment to advancing Youth education. Awards are for the amount of US$500 cash and recognize students who have the most improved GPA, not the highest GPA. These students rarely receive recognition during traditional awards ceremonies for graduating seniors.

The Scholarship Awards are promoted to the entire student body, including most improved GPA and community service as criteria for consideration. Guidance counselors choose each recipient because they best know the students.

The Scholarship Awards go directly to support postgraduate training at either a university, community college, or trade school. 

Students and faculty staff are invited to give a presentation to our Rotary E-Club to share the impact of the Scholarship Awards on students and/or the student body.

Global Trekkers are a registered 501c3 charity organisation (USA) and accept donations in support of the Scholarship Awards.  More Info

Alleviate Hunger

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Global Trekkers support a number of food pantry operations in Northern Stokes County (501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization), Eastern Stokes County and Western Rockingham County. (International members support local food pantries in their country).


We believe in creating Food Security to Rise Against Hunger! 

Preserved Food
Elementary Classroom

Advance Learning

Scientific Calculators were presented to Walnut Cove’s Southeastern Stokes Middle School students with an inscription on the back 'You GOT This!' In previous years we have also provided dictionaries and thesauruses.

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"Build Education through Recreation!"

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Grey Limbo
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Global Trekkers support many Individual Member projects globally, including:


Rotary Youth Leadership Program 

Rotary Four Way Test Student Contest 

Rotaract and Rotary Youth Leadership Award events


The Cricket Colombia Project (Colombia)

Horse Riding For Special Needs Kids (Thailand)

Rice From Rotary (Thailand)

Medical and school equipment supply (Thailand)

Technological aid (Ethiopia, Cambodia, Nepal and France)

Entrepreneurial business training (Vietnam)

English for Vietnamese children and adults (Vietnam)

Wheelchairs and other orthopedic aids program (Mexico)

Fundraising marathon for Red Cross (Mexico)

Afghanistan Humanitarian Action

Borderline Youth Camp (Australia)

Australian Bravery Association Youth program (Australia)

Environmental projects (Global)

Medical Missions (Philippines)

Educational, dental, medical & WASH clinics (Philippines)

Blessing Bags for the homeless (USA)

Salvation Army bell ringing (USA)

Assist with Pigstock (USA)

Greensboro Symphony Guild

Arts and Sciences, Appalachian State University

Trauma Programs (USA, Australia, Philippines, Mexico)

The Ripple Effect Program (Victims of domestic violence)

Developing a free mobile APP for fieldworkers 

East Stokes Outreach Ministry (food pantry & thrift stores)

Authoring books to raise awareness about living in a POST COVID world

Help stock and distribute food at Northern Stokes Food Pantry (USA)

Holiday food for children

Martial Arts for children (build emotional self-regulation)

Remedial tutoring for elementary school children

Music therapy for memory (primarily Alzheimer’s patients)

River Clean Up Programs and Protecting our Environment

Rotary International's Seven Areas of Focus (Click here)

 We'd love to hear what you do in your community! 

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