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Loblolly Pine Tree Fundraiser Has Begun!!

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

QUESTION: What is the perfect gift? ANSWER: A gift that keeps on giving!

By sponsoring the planting of loblolly pines for the Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers, we are able to:

  • Provide scholarships to the most improved graduating senior in two high schools in Stokes County, North Carolina.

  • Sponsor the attendance of local youths at YMCA Camp Hanes’ summer camp.

  • Help stock local food pantries in that area.

  • Provide dictionaries to elementary students in that part of North Carolina.

  • In addition to many service projects worldwide.

So sponsor the planting of Loblolly Pine Trees today to help us continue to do meaningful work. Loblolly pine trees are super-fast growing trees, making them ideal for the


  • Stop soil erosion

  • Trap atmospheric carbon

  • Excellent timber

  • Can reseed itself

  • Renewable resource

  • Spur to economic & community development

  • A living gift that keeps on giving

  • Someone who has everything can never have enough of a living gift like

  • these.

The incredibly rapid growth of loblolly pines is revealed in the photos shown

below. From foot long seedlings that were the diameter of pencils when

planted, in just a decade they grew to be almost 40 feet high with base

diameters of a foot! Think of the atmospheric carbon trapped by these trees!

Sponsoring the planting of loblolly pines is a meaningful fundraiser. With each tree you will be emailed a lovely gift certificate that you can personalize for yourself or for someone else.

  1. Merry Christmas

  2. In Loving Memory of

  3. In Honor of

  4. In Support of

  5. Happy Holidays

  6. Happy Birthday

  7. For My Dearest Friend

  8. For a Wonderful Friend

  9. Celebrating the Birth of

  10. Just Because You're Special

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