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Rotary Global Trekkers Support Brave Youth

Rotary EClub of Global Trekkers proudly hosted Sally Gregory, the National Vice-President of Queensland, a state branch of the Australian Bravery Association.

Sally is a newly appointed Global Trekker member. Her presentation about the “Australian Bravery Awardees” left us all inspired and from this, our board met and voted unanimously to become a sponsor of the Australian Brave Youth of the Year program.

Supporting Youth is one of the five avenues of Rotary service where Rotary Clubs involve youth and young adults in all its activities.


“I could not participate in the actual meeting, but I downloaded and watched the presentation over my work lunch hour today. Well done!” - Past District Governor Lloyd Navarro (D7690)

“Sally Gregory, gave a brilliant talk to us about how the Australian Bravery Association recognizes the heroic activity of Australians age 18 and under. The actions of the boys and girls she spoke of were unbelievable.” - President Raymond Pifer – Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers (D7690)

"Sally is such an inspiring individual who contributes so much to Community. I just love her story-telling capacity." - President-Elect Kay Danes - Rotary E-Club of Global Trekkers (D7690)

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